Month: August 2019

Historical Events for 21st August 2019

1808 – Battle of Vimeiro: British and Portuguese forces led by General Arthur Wellesley defeat French force under Major-General Jean-Andoche Junot near the village of Vimeiro, Portugal, the first Anglo-Portuguese victory of the Peninsular War.
1864 – Major General Nathan B. Forrest’s assault on Memphis, Tennessee
1864 – BBT Charleston, South Carolina [->DEC 31]
1944 – Germans storm up Hill 262 (Mont Ormel) Normandy
1953 – Sultan Sidi Mohammed Am Joessoef V of Morocco deposed
1968 – After 5 years Soviet Union once again jams Voice of America radio
1976 – “Operation Paul Bunyan” begins in retaliation for the “Korean axe murder incident” 3 days prior. 110 troops, 27 helicopters, 3 B-52 bombers are deployed to the Korean Demilitarized Zone to cut down a poplar blocking the view of UN observers
1986 – Surinames Ronnie Brunswijks Jungle commandos kill 2 government officials
1996 – Netscape Browser 3.0 is released
2004 – Belarusian sprinter Yulia Nestsiarenka runs 10.93 to beat American…

Historical Events for 15th August 2019

1457 – Earliest dated book, “Mainz Psalter,” completed
1950 – Srikakulam district is formed in Andhra Pradesh, India.
1969 – Woodstock Music and Art Fair opens in New York State on Max Yasgur’s Dairy Farm
1971 – Despite crashing out on lap 36, Scotsman Jackie Stewart clinches his second Formula 1 World Drivers Championship at the Austrian Grand Prix at Österreichring; French Tyrrell driver François Cevert wins the race
1973 – USSR performs nuclear test
1981 – Robin Leamy of US swims record 7.98 kph for 50 m
1985 – P. W. Botha gives the “Rubicon” Speech in Durban, South Africa, dissapointing many by refusing to consider immediate and major reforms in the country’s apartheid system
1989 – Giorgio Lamberti swims world record 200m free style (1:46.69)
1991 – 750,000 attend Paul Simon’s free concert in Central Park
2013 – 20 people are killed and 200 are injured in an explosion in Beirut
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Historical Events for 2nd August 2019

1552 – Treaty of Passau: Emperor Charles V accepts Lutheran religion
1921 – After 3 hours deliberation a Chicago jury acquits 8 Chicago White Sox accused in Black Sox scandal, next day banned from organised baseball for life
1931 – Spanish Catalonia agrees (99+%) for autonomous status
1941 – Jews are expelled from Hungarian Ruthenia
1943 – Sunderland seaplanes sink U-706 and U-106
1979 – Washington, D.C. trial attorney Edward Bennett Williams buys MLB’s Baltimore Orioles from Jerold Hoffberger for reported $12.3 million
1982 – Roger Ebert’s “Movie News” premieres on ABC FM network
1985 – 5 die in a train crash in Westminster Colo
1986 – American athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee beats her own world heptathlon record by 13 points (7,161) in Houston
1988 – System Enhancement Association settles case with PKware (ARC vs PKARC)
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